Join the Strut Social Society

A social club for anti-social business owners 🧡🎈🥂

Never wonder ‘WTF should I post on social media' again

As a busy solopreneur or side biz preneur who does all the things and wears all the hats in your business, it’s easy for social media to end up on the bottom of your priority list. 

You have THANGS to do - like all the time - so planning out what to post, or even POSTING for that matter, can feel like just another thing you don’t have time for 🙃 And where are you even supposed to find the creative capacity to even THINK of what to post anyway?!

As someone who’s spent the last decade managing social media for dozens of brands while trying to build my own brand on social media, I GET IT. But I also get that social media is an essential ingredient to the secret sauce for growing a successful business. And if you get that too but STILL find it a struggle to show up consistently for your brand on social media, I have good news: you just found your new happy place on Beyonce's internet 🎉.

Imagine if you didn't have to plan out your social media content alone every month...

and instead, you got a plug-and-play content plan filled with timely topics, relevant themes, and 💣content ideas, PLUS the support of a social media expert to customize them for your brand AND the templates & resources to turn them into 🔥 content 🤯

Let’s make social media the least stressful part of running your biz

Every month you’ll receive: 

  • A monthly content plan with timely topics & themes + prompts for creating relevant content for social media that keeps your brand top of mind

  • 20-25 engaging plug & play content ideas to help you engage, nurture, and convert your audience 

  • Co-content planning and creation calls (a.k.a. Content & Chill sessions) where you’ll gain intimate access to me, your social media bestie, and hands-on support with planning and creating your content for social media

  • Monthly social media updates you can skim to keep you ahead of the curve about what’s happening on social media and how it impacts your brand (or if it does at all)


  • An orientation where we'll build your social media strategy together in real time

  • Monthly accountability challenges (with the BEST prizes)

  • Access to social media and content creation resources, including our Airtable content calendar template, social media design templates, mini trainings, tutorials, and more

  • Weekly office hours to ask me anything and get the support you need to strut social with ease 

I am never taking social media advice from anyone else ever again 😅 - Ashley Pendergraft, Do the Damn Thing

The Strut Social Society will take you from...

  • 🤔 Confused about how to show up & what kind of content you should be creating
  • 📱 Endlessly scrolling in hopes of finding content inspiration
  • 🤯 Chaotically trying to post last minute & constantly taking longer than expected social media breaks 


  • 😎 Getting clear about your message, content creation style, and strategy
  • 🤩 Feeling endlessly inspired & actually eager to show up 
  • 🤓 Making your content planning & creation process organized & adaptable so you can show up (even when life is a hot mess) 

Stop stressing & start strutting on social media with less overwhelm & more ✨ease ✨

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

The Strut Social Society is perfect for solopreneurs, side biz preneurs, or small business owners who manage their social media on their own or have very little help and need some support or guidance to make sure they’re using social media to its full potential. 

This membership is the perfect middle between DIYing your social media and hiring a social media manager. It’s also the perfect resource for social media managers or admin assistants who may need help and mentorship.

How long is this membership?

There is a 3-month minimum commitment, and after that, you can cancel anytime.

What if I can’t join live co-content planning & creation sessions?

It’s all good! We’ll still give you the support you need via office hours or if you submit any questions you have in Mighty Network.

What if I need additional support with my social media?

Strut Social Society members can book one-on-one Strut Strategy Sessions with me for the discounted rate of $99 for 90 minutes (value: $300). During these sessions, we can look at your content plan in more depth, help you plan out ideas, or guide you with content creation.

Is this membership only for Instagram support?

All content ideas provided can be used for any social media platform. Just ask me how to apply to your platform of choice during office hours or our content & chill sessions.

Hey, I’m Gabby, your social media bestie!

I help overworked and overwhelmed small business owners create compelling content with ease so they can show up on social in style and scale sustainably. 

I’ve been working in social media for 10 years (yes, a whole decade!). I’ve seen it all, done it all, and have managed social media & email marketing for just about every industry you can think of - from fashion to nonprofits and digital memberships. I’ve also led the social media strategies of leading online communities, including PR Girl Manifesto, Epic Fab Girl, and Black Bride Magazine. 

Consider me your ultimate social media filter - not for cute pics or adding dog ears to your videos, but from all the noise on social media so you can focus on what's actually going to help you move the needle for your business. When you join the Strut Social Society, I’ll be your on-call content consultant keeping you laced with content ideas and in the know about what's moving and shaking on social, so you can focus on the parts of your business you actually LOVE.